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Online eLearning and Accountability program, teaching you how to use social media to grow your business!


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The Social Media Advisor Online Training Program


- Do you have a presence on social media for your business?

- Are you a business owner looking to get started with social media marketing but aren’t sure how to begin?

- Perhaps you’ve dabbled with your company’s social media accounts but aren’t sure how to get any traction with your efforts?


After a decade of experience with social media marketing, the Social Media Advisor team understands how frustrating it can be to keep up with all the social media platforms, news, updates, algorithm changes and best practices associated with a solid social media strategy.


Plus, not every business can afford to hire the skill set of an experienced social media expert or content specialist.


Never fear. We’ve built something perfect for YOU!


  • Learn the fundamentals of social media
  • Learn how to build better brand engagement
  • Learn how to enhance your visitors' experience
  • Learn how to grow your business using social media strategies.
  • All 12 Storytelling Videos
  • All 12 Strategy and Paid Ad Videos
  • 19 Additional Process Tutorials
  • 12 Power Tribe Business Development and Sales Team Videos
  • All Monthly Ask the Expert Videos

If you want someone to break down aspects of social media to get more clients and build your business using social media, this is the program for you.


The Social Power Program is an online training program for companies and business owners looking to be more deliberate and educated with their social media marketing efforts. From the comfort of your desktop or computer, access a library of social media knowledge and expertise that you can view when it’s most convenient for you and your schedule.


PLUS… Social Power Program subscribers will also receive a NEW monthly training each month on the latest and greatest social media information, have access to a powerhouse team of experts, and will join a community where they can reach out for additional advice or support at any time.


Hollie Clere, your Social Media Trainer 


  • Curious about the Storytelling in Social Media Series?


    “We say we want information, but we don’t experience the world through information - we experience the world through story.”

    - Brian Collins, Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits



  • There is power in the story that you tell your audience.


    - Are you talking about the pain points that you solve?

     - Do you TRULY know your niche, your industry, your field of expertise?

     - Are you sharing content with your audience that THEY find valuable?


    Storytelling in your business is just as impactful as storytelling in social media. I want to help you grasp that story and then share that story with your audience so they are engaging with you online. Social engagement is the best way to prove your online marketing efforts are effective.


    “Your brand narrative is what people say about you, and how they connect emotionally with your product or service.”

    - Idris Mootee, 60 Minute Brand Strategist


    Today it’s becoming ever more difficult to reach your audience organically on social media. Part of the problem is that there are just TONS of brands out there, with the same target audience, vying for the same attention of that you are. Another issue is that businesses are creating boring, unengaging and overly promotional content that not only dampens the impact of their own brands but leaves many social media users cautious about following a brand online.


    “As long as we find a person, real or imagined, moving through some problem toward some goal, it's a story.”

    - Jim Signorelli, StoryBranding


    How do you stand out in a sea of noise and get the attention of those who would most likely work with you? By creating high-quality, interesting and engaging content using the power of storytelling.




    “Story is the greatest weapon we have to combat noise, because it organizes information in such a way that people are compelled to listen.”

    - Donald Miller, Building a Story Brand



  • There is a reason why top advertising agencies and marketing firms create product and brand stories for their customers - and have done since the beginning of advertising. The reason is that...storytelling works. In this day and age, you have the unique opportunity to craft your own brand story, own it, and build content around it that you can share online.


    Not sure how to get started? Sign up for the Storytelling in Social Media Series of the Social Power Program and become the master of your own brand story.



    Curious about the Strategy in Social Media Series?



  • You will only be ready for the Strategy Series IF you are consistently posting your story at least 3 times a week,

    creating your own branded images and want to accelerate your storytelling into strategy with paid ads.

  • Many business owners are NOT using Social media to elevate their business. Often this is because they just don’t understand how it works or how to implement the right social media strategy to become successful.


    “A social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media.”

    - Evan LePage, Hootsuite


    There is a lot of power in implementing strategy in social media marketing. Once you have mastered creating content and telling a compelling story, it’s time to look at data, numbers, reach and growth.


    The Strategy in Social Media Series is designed to help those looking to level up their social media efforts.  You MUST have the storytelling piece mastered first.


    - How well do you know your target audience and client avatars?

    - Do you have the demographics on who you are trying to reach online?

    - Do you know how to examine your analytics and reports so that you can adjust your content to make the most impact?

     - Is it time to add paid advertising to your organic reach efforts?


    “From the goals stem the answers to all the rest of your questions.”


    Businesses often get hung up on the look and feel of something, and miss all the substance. Many throw money at the problem and expect it to resolve itself. The truth is, without a solid strategy, it’s difficult to gain traction in an endeavor - especially in social media marketing.


    Deciding on your social media goals (based on the results you hope to achieve) is first and then it’s time to build a solid strategic approach to achieving them.


    Not sure how to get started? Sign up for the Strategy in Social Media Series of the Social Power Program.



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Ideal for People who
Who is the Social Power Program for?


  • Businesses overwhelmed by social media and needing direction, tips, tactics and techniques to build successful online marketing campaigns. Businesses needing to learn the fundamentals of social media marketing.
  • Businesses looking to build better brand awareness and engagement on their social media platforms.
  • Businesses seeking to enhance their visitors’ or followers’ experience online.
  • Businesses who know they need to be telling a great story using content marketing but aren’t sure where to begin.
  • Businesses looking to develop social media strategies to grow their business and expand their reach.
  • Businesses that need someone to break down the practical ways to effectively build online social media relationships to grow their business.



If you need support to break down all the facets of social media marketing into manageable, consumable pieces so that you can finally reach more people and build your business using social media, the Social Power Program is for you.



How does it work?

The Social Power Program is designed to be a “work at your own pace” program incorporating video training and worksheets. The Program uses videos, tools of the trade, bonus “diving deeper” sessions and accountability to assist you with your online marketing strategy.


Only you know how you learn best. The Social Power Program is built for you to participate at your own pace, in your own time, and in an environment where you are most comfortable. You get to set the rules on how you learn!


Social Power Program Training Sessions:


  • SELECT the Program(s) you would like to learn. Are you leaning towards the Storytelling in Social Media Series or do you think the Strategy in Social Media Series fits your needs better? Can’t decide? Choose both! You have a FULL year to watch them ALL!
  • VIEW the training videos within your member portal whenever you want, from wherever you want!
  • WORK at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you need.
  • RECEIVE the Social Media Marketing E-Book for FREE!
  • PARTICIPATE in the “Ask the Expert” calls each month to get your most pressing questions answered right away.
  • JOIN the exclusive online community to ask for support and guidance as questions come up, to post homework assignments for valuable input, and to connect with other business owners struggling with the same problems you are with social media.



Ask the Expert Sessions


To keep you accountable to your own progress and goals, there will be a LIVE Ask the Expert video session each month. This video is recorded and uploaded to the Member Portal for all members to access at any time. The purpose of the Ask the Expert session is to help businesses get those tough questions, geared to their specific needs, answered.


Not only will you have direct access to the Social Media Advisor Team once a month, we’ve also brought in some AMAZING power partners to help you with other areas of marketing includes sales advice, follow-up, video marketing, brand imaging and more!!! All included with your membership!


What does it take to get started? First, make a decision on whether you need more support in building great STORYTELLING content to share online OR if you need a more solid social media marketing STRATEGY to move the needle to the next level. Can’t choose between those two options? No worries. You have the option of signing up for both!


"Hollie is an expert in the field and really knows her stuff. I have yet to not have a question answered and everything is very professional and easy to understand... Before working with Hollie I thought that social media really wasn’t that impressive, just a place to maybe connect with people but not much else. After Hollie revamped my profiles and taught me the RIGHT way to work social media my numbers increased and my relationships grew. After working with Hollie you walk away with a clarity and action plan and you are fully able to put that plan in place easily." Erin Alli, Virtual Business Manager

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About the Social Media Advisor Team:


Will Social Media Work for Your Business?


We’ve been spearheading social media marketing for over a decade (nearly as long as LinkedIn has been in existence). When social was new, I wondered if it would work for MY business. I owned a Virtual Assistant Business that supported 37 Telecommunications Agents in the United States. All of my clients in those days signed up through word of mouth marketing or cold calling efforts.


When it came time to think of new ways of marketing my own business, I turned my attention to LinkedIn. When I optimized my LinkedIn profile, I found that people began to find me instead of us having to work so hard to find and sell to them. Over time, I used that same process on other social media platforms and have had online presences on over 30 of them over time; specific to my niche. I discovered instead that I just needed to market on a few of the online social media platforms where my ideal client were already scrolling. I found this easier to manage, easier to maintain a presence, and that a focused strategy worked well.


Once I found success using a customized strategy, I wrote a workbook for that industry on how to market on Social Media and have been training people on these tried and true strategies for years! I have trained hundreds of businesses on how to incorporate social media marketing into their marketing strategy successfully and now I want to bring that knowledge and expertise straight to you!


Are You Ready to Join Us?


Is it time to develop the social media marketing skills needed to grow your following, promote more engagement, and start achieving results with your online marketing efforts?


Social media marketing can be FUN, it can be engaging, and it can bring you business.


In a 2017 study, Sprout Social discovered that 74% of shoppers make buying decisions based on social media.


“...This shift isn’t specific to B2C companies. B2B businesses are benefiting from social media’s purchasing influence too.” Shane Barker


If you find social media to be a frustration, you probably aren’t using a strategy that produces results. Just building out your online presence isn’t enough, you need to learn the content storytelling and social media strategies necessary to maximize the effort to its highest potential.


This isn’t the Field of Dreams. You can’t just “Build it and they will come.”





The Social Power Program will help you navigate those burning social media marketing questions and dilemmas, taking away the roadblocks and frustrations keeping you from finding success on social media.


Not only are your customers looking for what you have to offer, but they are using social media to keep tabs on their favorite brands. Is it time for you to become one of their favorite stops on social media?


If you aren’t using social media to market to your customers and potential clients, you are closing a door to future sales because they won’t be able to find you, engage with you or build the trust and credibility necessary to ensure they are comfortable making the next step… signing up to do business or buy from you!


Unfortunately, many businesses are doing social media incorrectly and it’s hurting their brand. The Social Power Program is THE resource to help your business build a captivating social media presence with a solid strategy and the tools to finally get you the results you need.








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The Social Media Advisor Online ELearning Program










“LIBRARY” Series are all of your EXTRA GOODIES!


Social Power Program: Setup for Success

Module 1: Where are your clients?  What platforms do you need?

Module 2: Privacy Settings, Connect, Unfollow, Block

Module 3: Page Manager Navigation

Module 4: Algorithms in Platforms


Social Power Program: Platform Foundations

Module 5: Facebook for Business

Module 6: Twitter for Business

Module 7: Pinterest for Business

Module 8: How to use HootSuite

Module 9: YouTube for Business

Module 10: How to prepare Blogs

Module 11: Instagram for Business

Module 12: LinkedIn for Business


How to use Canva

How to create Facebook Groups

How to create Facebook Events

How to adjust Privacy Settings

Truth about algorithms

How to check stats

Edit and download your Facebook Live videos for other uses

(new videos added each month by member request)




Social Power Program: Social Media Foundation – Storytelling Series

Module 1: Relationship Conversation

Module 2: Lead Generation Conversation

Module 3: Build Know Like Trust

Module 4: Content Ideas for Social Media Posts


Social Power Program: Tell Your Story – Storytelling Series

Module 5: What is your niche?

Module 6: Weekly Editorial Calendar

Module 7: Monthly Editorial Calendar

Module 8: Tools of the Trade


Social Power Program: Social Media Growth – Storytelling Series

Module 9: How do Hashtags work?

Module 10: Build awareness with your tribe.

Module 11: How to use Live Video

Module 12: Multi-purpose your content




Social Power Program: Social Media Foundation – Strategy Series

Module 1: Avatar: Who is your ideal client?

Module 2: How does your Avatar engage online?

Module 3: how your content is searchable

Module 4: Who are you?


Social Power Program: Paid Ads – Strategy Series

Module 5: What are your Ad goals?

Module 6: How to establish your budget

Module 7: Creating Ads for Followers

Module 8: Creating Ads for Ideal Demographic Targeting


Social Power Program: Reporting – Strategy Series

Module 9: Google Analytics

Module 10: Facebook Pixel

Module 11: Reading Reports

Module 12: Strategy with your Content










Social Power Program E-Learning videos



What do you get?




  • Includes access to ALL 19 Library Goodies 
  • Includes access to ALL 12 Storytelling Videos
  • Includes access to ALL 12 Strategy and Paid Ad Videos 
  • Includes the EBook
  • Includes 12 Power Tribe and Business Development Videos from our Power Team
  • Includes access to ALL Previous Ask the Expert Sessions
  • Includes monthly Ask the Expert Webinar via Zoom
  • Includes Access to the Members Only Facebook Group


Your Full Marketing Program:




The Social Media Advisor Online Program

"I won't make a move in my Social Media without consulting The Social Media Advisors. I have been working with them to build my LinkedIn connections, and not only have my connections grown tremendously, but I am getting business from those connections. You can't go wrong with learning from the best of the best, and The Social Media Advisors are definitely at the top of the best!" Patty Benton – Owner, Business Marketing Consultant & Partner

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upon completion of payment for the program option you select)


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SocialPowerProgram E-Learning videos NOW

"Hollie’s easy nature makes it feel more like you are sitting down with one of your best friends than struggling through a business project. Her knowledge is boundless, her professionalism is always a notch above and her input is invaluable.." Reggi Coles – Owner

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