Yearly Combo Series - 1 Year Access

Yearly Combo Series - 1 Year Access

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Price: $ 497.00

  • All 12 Storytelling Videos
  • All 12 Strategy and Paid Ad Videos
  • 17 Additional Process Tutorials
  • 12 Power Tribe Business Development and Sales Team Videos
  • All Monthly Ask the Expert Videos

“LIBRARY” Series EVERYONE who is paid will have access to:

Social Power Program: Setup for Success

Module 1: Where are your clients?  What platforms do you need?

Module 2: Privacy Settings, Connect, Unfollow, Block

Module 3: Page Manager Navigation

Module 4: Algorithms in Platforms

Social Power Program: Platform Foundations

Module 5: Facebook for Business

Module 6: Twitter for Business

Module 7: Pinterest for Business

Module 8: How to use HootSuite

Module 9: YouTube for Business

Module 10: How to prepare Blogs

Module 11: Instagram for Business

Social Power Program: Extra Goodies

Module 12: MODULE UPDATE: NEW Layout in LinkedIn!!!!!
Module 13: The Truth behind the NEW FB Algorithm, Trends for 2018, Cross Purposing Content, Content Penalizing
Module 14: How to Create images in Canva
Module 15: How to Create Groups in Facebook
Module 16: Facebook Algorithm Behavior
Module 17: How to Create Events in Facebook
Module 18: How to check stats in FB, LI, TW and Insta
Module 19: Editing and Downloading your FB Live for YouTube or Vimeo


Social Power Program: Social Media Foundation – Storytelling Series

Module 1: Relationship Conversation

Module 2: Lead Generation Conversation

Module 3: Build Know Like Trust

Module 4: Content Ideas for Social Media Posts

Social Power Program: Tell Your Story – Storytelling Series

Module 5: What is your niche?

Module 6: Weekly Editorial Calendar

Module 7: Monthly Editorial Calendar

Module 8: Tools of the Trade

Social Power Program: Social Media Growth – Storytelling Series

Module 9: How do Hashtags work?

Module 10: Build awareness with your tribe.

Module 11: How to use Live Video

Module 12: Multi-purpose your content

Social Power Program: Social Media Foundation – Strategy Series

Module 1: Avatar: Who is your ideal client?

Module 2: How does your Avatar engage online?

Module 3: how your content is searchable

Module 4: Who are you?

Social Power Program: Paid Ads – Strategy Series

Module 5: What are your Ad goals?

Module 6: How to establish your budget

Module 7: Creating Ads for Followers

Module 8: Creating Ads for Ideal Demographic Targeting

Social Power Program: Reporting – Strategy Series

Module 9: Google Analytics

Module 10: Facebook Pixel

Module 11: Reading Reports

Module 12: Strategy with your Content

  • Includes access to Social Power Program: Setup for Success

  • Includes access to Social Power Program: Platform Foundations

  • Includes the EBook

  • Includes 2 new Training videos via Zoom

  • Includes monthly Ask the Expert Webinar via Zoom

  • Includes Access to the BOTH Members Only Facebook Groups