What Others Are Saying

“I had known Hollie Clere from a past business relationship that pre-dated Social Media. My familiarity with Hollie gave me a level of comfort being frank with her about how little I knew about an effective Social Media strategy. Hollie took the time to educate me and my team so that not only did we know what to do regarding a Social Media Strategy but why we were doing it. She took something that was completely foreign to us and gave it cadence. Social Media is now something we include in all our initiatives and with Hollie’s guidance it has become second nature. Her patience in dealing with a group of strong personalities, set in their ways, helped us evolve from Social Media dinosaurs to a company others are measured by in our space. Even though we deal with Hollie almost exclusively in a remote fashion, we consider her an integral part of our team”

Curt Allen – President X4, Solutions www.x4solutions.com

“Hard workers seem to be a rarity today and whenever I meet an 'expert' in this field or that field I always wait to witness their work ethic before I place my trust in them. You have proven to be passionate about your craft but more importantly, since nobody truly cares about what you know but instead how you can help them, you dedicate yourself to improving others. This to me is the definition of success. Your hard work has been proven over and over to make myself and my business more effective.

Anyone can go out and acquire more knowledge but the implementation of knowledge is wisdom and very few actually apply their knowledge. I’ve been very impressed and very grateful for how you apply what you know to my business. This means one thing; I have an extremely knowledgeable social media advisor who implements what she knows for my benefit…that’s awesome! When that type of advisor steps into another’s business then results follow.”

Kelly O’Connor – Co-founder / Executive Vice President www.mtnfinancial.com

“Hollie is an expert in the field and really knows her stuff. I have yet to not have a question answered and everything is very professional and easy to understand. Hollie takes the time to teach clearly everything you need to know and patiently answers all your questions, no matter how silly you think they may be. She tells you there is never a silly question! (and I know I have asked some doozies;) She takes the time to thoroughly discuss what your goals are and then puts into action the missing pieces that often you thought you had under control…until you work with Hollie and realize that there is so much more to Social Media then you ever realized.

Before working with Hollie I thought that social media really wasn’t that impressive, just a place to maybe connect with people but not much else. After Hollie revamped my profiles and taught me the RIGHT way to work social media my numbers increased and my relationships grew. After working with Hollie you walk away with a clarity and action plan and you are fully able to put that plan in place easily. I highly recommend Hollie and her training programs if you are looking to increase your reach through social media in the best way possible so you can build better relationships with your target audience.”

Erin Alli, Virtual Business Manager www.EssentialAssisting.com

“As a Marketing Professional social media has fallen into my job description, and for the most part it is a learn as you go/trial by fire type of thing for most marketers. Luckily I happened to have the Social Media Advisor, Hollie, in my network, and was fortunate enough to have her do a social media review and follow up for not only a non-profit I run the marketing for, but my day job as well. Those tips, ideas and philosophies helped me shape the face of Social Media posts, theory and how to use the other social media platforms that we were utilizing at all or productively. Since Working with Hollie, the business page for our main product, Perka Buildings was able to surpass 10,000 likes on Facebook, and are now gaining momentum, and actually pulling leads and great conversations right off the Facebook page.

I would say that working with the tools and knowledge the Social Media Advisor has provided has changed the course of our social media marketing for the better, and I always refer back to her posts, news and tips for changes in the social realm to stay on top of it all. Hollie is my go-to connection for all things social media.”

Paul Gibson – Sales, Marketing and Creative Manager www.perkabuildings.com

“I won't make a move in my Social Media without consulting The Social Media Advisors. Anytime I get a new idea, or hear of one, I ask them their thought on if and how I should implement it. I also hired them to build my LinkedIn connections, and not only have my connections grown tremendously, but I am getting business from those connections. You can’t go wrong with learning from the best of the best, and The Social Media Advisors are definitely at the top of the best!”

Patty Benton – Owner, Business Marketing Consultant & Partner www.pattybenton.com

“Hollie’s easy nature makes it feel more like you are sitting down with one of your best friends than struggling through a business project. Her knowledge is boundless, her professionalism is always a notch above and her input is invaluable..”

Reggi Coles – Owner www.threadvertizing.com